Employee mental health matters

It is estimated that the direct financial impact of mental health on Australian business is more than $11 billion every year largely due to absenteeism and reduced productivity.


Smart employers are taking action to address mental health concerns in the workplace. However, effectively managing things like work stress and workplace bullying can be highly complicated with differences in personalities as well as definitional issues such as direct or indirect bullying and identifying when an employee is at work. Also, how do employers manage work demands and address workplace stress while still offering employees both flexibility and security. On top of this are concerns about the dividing line between work and private life shrinking impacting on employee rights including privacy as well as increased employee burn out due to increased connectivity and not switching off.  

Mental health at work is much more than a human resources, psychological or social issue which is often the dominant perspective and where most businesses become unstuck. Rethinko has skilled professionals covering all aspects of the employment relationship in order to look at the whole picture including the psychological, business and legal environment. Areas we assist with include work design, work demands, work/life balance, workplace bullying and applying reasonable management action.


Discrimination & Harassment

Most employers set out to achieve equality in the workplace. However, the ordinary imbalance in power that characterises many work relationships may leave employees vulnerable to arbitrary, discriminatory or unfair treatment as well as harassment either inside or outside the workplace. 

Rethinko can help employers to prevent and eliminate both unsafe and unfair work practices as well as ensure the rights and general protections of all employees.   

Equality and fair conditions for all