Work Performance 

There are many issues involved with managing employee obligations and performance at work. Issues can arise when employers seek to discipline their employees for misconduct or poor performance. It is essential that employers have the ability to successfully manage their workforce. Conversely, an employee should be able to expect fair work conditions and reasonable treatment. Usually, there are clear employment conditions which are negotiated before accepting employment with the goal that expectations are understood. However, the problem is no agreement can cover everything and various obligations can be implied or assumed or in fact not exist at all despite them being agreed to. In addition, to ensure that performance management fits in with legal requirements, the process can become very prescriptive and termination of employment can lead to issues of unfair dismissal.  

Rethinko assists with all aspects of performance management including reviewing employment procedures, identifying employee rights and how to effectively discipline employees for misconduct. We can also provide support with setting up employee reward systems to improve productivity, motivation, morale, job satisfaction and foster a positive work culture.

Workers Compensation / Health & Safety

Workers compensation in Australia continues to evolve with some saying that changes in some jurisdictions will demand more time from employers away from the core business. In addition, for many employers, keeping up with work health and safety requirements can be overwhelming.

Rethinko is able to assist employers with managing workers compensation as well as work health and safety. This includes reviewing procedures and providing advice and support with claims. Our team includes industry award winners in workplace rehabilitation and return to work.