Employment Conditions, Policies and Procedures

The rights and duties of employers and employees are derived from a variety of interlinking sources and laws. Employers can often struggle with the complexity of different rules and latest regulations as well as negotiating a fair agreement with employees that ultimately benefits the business. In addition, most employers have outdated agreements as well as unused policies and procedures in urgent need of updating.

Let Rethinko with their expert team assist with the negotiation and setting of work conditions as well as reviewing important employment documents. 

Industrial Action & Workplace Conflict

In workplaces where labour is organised, having competing interests and industrial conflict is unfortunately a fact of life. The law enables key parties to take limited industrial action without penalty. However, the rules can be complicated to follow and highly prescriptive. As a result industrial conflict can often result in significant disruption to the business and afterwards one or both sides are not satisfied with the final outcome. Even if no industrial action is taken, having a toxic work culture with dissatisfied and unmotivated employees can be highly damaging in itself.

Rethinko has successfully helped many businesses across Australia to effectively prevent and address workplace conflict as well as implement organisational change to improve workplace culture. If you have identified a potential problem or internal conflict situation, don't wait and talk to us today.  

Workplace Bargaining

The law regulates how to negotiate workplace agreements. Usually, at the beginning, genuine negotiation is the goal. However, industrial conflict can lead to a ‘take it or leave it’ outcome. Agreement making can be challenging and time consuming because individuals have differing values. It can also be difficult to navigate the various statutory mechanisms.

Rethinko can help with the workplace bargaining process to make certain the best possible outcome is achieved for all involved with minimal hurdles along the way. We can also assist with bargaining during transfer of business.