Social Media in the Workplace

Social media and facebook has been around since at least the year 2004. However, many businesses still lack a social media policy and simply don't understand the risks. Rethinko has skilled experts to help with

- Misuse of social media and inappropriate use of electronic communication

- Bullying and harassment via social media

- Individual rights, privacy and freedom of communication

- Development and implementation of Social Media Policies and Procedures

Other areas that Rethinko can assist with include

Migrant / Temporary Workers  

The use of migrant and temporary workers goes part and parcel with globalisation and the gig economy. However, successfully navigating the rules and regulations can be a barrier for many employers.

Employee Surveillance / Drug Testing

It is now easier than ever to monitor employees and ensure compliance. However, the rules in this area are also changing. As a result, there are many potential landmines for employers that use surveillance and drug testing of employees.